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Founded with a commitment to “Make Your Home Brawer!”, Brawhome has been a stalwart presence in the home decoration and building materials industry. Our operations encompass manufacturing, cutting-edge product research and development, global sales, and brand advocacy


Empowering and transformative

Angle Valve

Empowering and transformative

We offer a wider range of options

All the various types of valves we can manufacture, including ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, etc. and we have customization options available.

We have the capability to offer you comprehensive customization, encompassing

not only the products themselves

but also providing complimentary packaging design

and handling of shipping arrangements

We have a team of highly skilled R&D and dedicated sales experts

“Some of our staff members have been working in the sanitary ware industry for over 20 years, bringing with them extensive industry expertise.”